An approach to research

Independent qualitative research agency since 2004

An approach to research

  • Our DNA is to understand the reasons why. To understand the person in his psychosocial environment. Knowing what consumer thinks, feels and desires is crucial to understanding and forecasting his behavior.
  • We work with a prospective vision and useful criterias to enable decision making. We want to anticipate and find new opportunities.
  • We know how to unveil the insights that will make your company and business grow.
  • We don’t offer data but understanding, knowledge and inspiration.
Experts in

Experts in motivational research and creative techniques

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    Consumer insights

    We know how to unveil insights, how to find the deep connections between brands and consumers. We transform insights into challenging ideas that provide value and competitive advantage.

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    Creativity and innovation process

    We boost your team creativity. To achieve innovation out of the box but deeply connected with market needs and expectations.

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    We follow the target while shopping, consuming and taking decisions in his natural environment. A different and enriching vision to find specific opportunities of improvement.

  • Broad knowledge of industry sectors

    Our team has many years of experience in the most competitive markets: Consumption, Health, Luxury, Institutional and Politics, Services… We have a lot to offer.

A team

A talented team, full of dedication and enthusiasm

Stable team

  • Toni Parra

    Graduated in Psychology at Barcelona University in 1986. I have more than 20 years of experience in the field of qualitative research.
    I started my career in Synapse; I was one of the founding partners at Ergo Advanced Research in 1994, and finally I started the project of Ideria Insights together with Meritxell Roig in 2004.
    I’m a regular teacher of qualitative research at different Universities (UPF, UAB, URV) and business schools (ESADE, EADA)

  • Mònica Ybargüengoitia

    Graduated in Psychology at Barcelona University, Master degree in Marketing and Communication at UOC and further education in Community Management.
    After working in different companies of market research, in 2004 I started my own project named Q&Q which later merged to Ideria Insights. Curious and restless, always willing to discover and incorporate new trends in research.

  • Gemma Teruel

    I have a background in accounting and business administration. I started my professional career in the advertisement sector until, in 2016, I made the leap to the market research sector.

    In Ideria Insights, although I oversee accounting, I’m more of a facility manager and I make sure that logistics never hinder the success of our projects.

  • Beatriz Repollet

    Graduated in Psychology at La Universitat de Barcelona, I started my career in qualitative research in Synovate, where I specialized in motivational research and creative and projective techniques. After that, I get in contact with trends research applied to consumpion and since then I always have an eye in what is to come! I am passionate about social research applied to consumption, I believe in creativity as a driving force for development and I think that every project is a new challenge which allows to grow, cowork with the brand and bring it all the keys in its sector;)


  • We work with specialists of different sectors who help us to enrich our work, to create new experiences for clients and participants.
  • We have worked with storytellers, translators, illustrators, scribblers, semiotic experts, community managers…
  • We believe that teamwork is the best way to get the best out of each individual. We love to get in touch with people who provide us with new knowledge and vision about what we are doing.
A space

A space designed to inspire

  • Idèria Insights rooms have been designed thoughtfully, for everybody to feel comfortable and willing to work in a relaxed atmosphere: respondents as well as clients and ourselves!
  • We have two large and sunny meeting rooms equipped with the necessary technology (one-way mirror, Focus Vision, webstreaming, WIFI, translation room, catering service).
  • One room is designed to work with consumers, with different layouts; one room is specially designed for creative sessions and workshops with clients.
  • You will find us in the heart of Barcelona, a city who inspires us every day with its innovative and open minded spirit.
  • Focus groups room

  • Clients Room

  • Clients room

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  • Details

  • Coffe Break

  • Viewing room

  • Natural Light

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  • Idèria


A wide variety of methodologies and a careful analysis process: conclusions that go far beyond of what others may achieve.

  • Craftsmen of research, able to work with the most classic and innovative tools.
  • We do not offer standards but adhoc solutions adapted to every client and every need.
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    The classics

    • Group dynamics
    • In-depth interviews
    • Triads, duos, mini groups, long lasting groups
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    • Bulletin Boards
    • Consumer communities
    • On-line groups
    • Co-creation communities
  • tools3


    • Re-Brand View
    • Insights Workshops
    • Range Improvement
    • Training&Coaching
  • tools4


    • A day in the life
    • Home visits
    • Shopping trips
    • Observation guerrilla

We are always searching for the most appropriate ressources: gamification, projective tecniques, confrontation groups, diaries,…


Products for every need

  • Syndicate Study: Noise in the pharmacy (point of sale)

    Pharmacy offices are undertaking a deep transformation as point of sale. Products change, audience changes, commercial strategies change… To what extend is the pharmacist changing? What is he/she expecting from the pharmacy in the future? Which are the most appreciated commercial actions?

    For more information, contact Meritxell Roig (

  • Fish Tank 24

    Express methodology to validate and improve concepts within 24 hours.
    One day combines group discussions with the target and sessions with the client team.
    The result, one concept (insight-benefit-reason why/RTB) optimized and validated with the target.

    For more information, contact Mònica Ybargüengoitia (

  • Insight workshop

    In mature and saturated markets it is crucial to anticipate to competitors. A deep knowledge of the desires and needs of the target helps us to do it.
    Combining ethnographic interviews and a creative session with the responsible team of the brand we help you to discover the insights that will make your brand grow.

    For more information, contact Toni Parra (

No boundaries

International vocation, never forgetting the local idiosyncrasy


  • We offer flexible and tailored solutions for each client. The budget shouldn’t be a barrier for exploring new markets now that the companies are looking outwards more and more.
  • We have build a solid network of partners in the principal European and international markets, with whom we share the same approach and understanding of research. We choose the best partner for each research project.
  • In Europe: France, Germany, UK, Italy, Poland.
  • And further away: China, Latin America, Australia, Middle East…
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